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Titanium metal is currently used for an ever-widening array of applications as it is a low density and extremely corrosion resistant metal. Its high strength to weight ratio means it is as strong as steel but half the weight per volume. Titanium used in manufacturing most often takes the form of a titanium alloy, which is pure titanium combined with other metals that alter its properties.

The different types of titanium alloys are organized into titanium grades, which define its properties and uses and allow manufacturers to determine the most suitable grade for their applications. Titanium has a few unusual qualities which make it a highly desirable metal in a broad range of industries. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, low conductivity and elasticity and high strength to weight ratios. It is used widely for products which require ductility, strength and a high melting point. The navy, marine industries, aquariums, automotive manufacturers, racing sports, jewelers and the aerospace industry all buy titanium to manufacture their products and materials. It is fabricated into many different shapes, including titanium tubing, titanium pipes, titanium wire, titanium bars, titanium plate, titanium foil, titanium rods and titanium sheet, by hot or cold forming, flat rolling, extrusion or welding. These titanium materials are either used as parts, sold as products or sold as stock items in order to be further processed.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Titanium Processing Center

New Baltimore, MI | 888-771-9449

Here at Titanium Processing Center, we are your complete source for titanium and titanium alloys. We stock a huge inventory of commercially pure titanium grades as well as many common and special alloy grades. We offer a diverse range of titanium products, including bars, rods, sheets, plates, pipes, and tubing. Titanium Processing Center has no minimum order requirements, so we can help you take on all your projects, big or small. Learn more about our inventory and capabilities by visiting our website or give us a call!

Titanium Industries

Rockaway, NJ | 888-482-6486

Titanium Industries is a global leader in the supply and distribution of titanium mill products. Our offering of titanium materials includes bars, coils, pipes, plates, sheets, tubing, weld wire, and custom fabrications. With locations around the world and more than 40 years of industry experience, we can quickly satisfy your titanium requirements with quality solutions and exceptional customer service. Contact us today and visit us online to discover all we have to offer!


Long Island City, NY | 800-767-9494

Metalmen is a leading supplier of titanium and titanium alloy products. We provide worldwide distribution & fast delivery of many on-demand & specialty titanium plates, bars, sheets, foils, and tubing. With more than 75 years of combined experience, you can count on our staff to provide important insights and expertise to make your project a success. We also supply cutting, shearing, and other machining services to ensure you get exactly what you need! Small quantities & non-standards welcome! Contact us today!

Aero Industries

Orlando, FL | 800-282-2376

Aero Industries is your titanium product specialist. We supply all kinds of titanium components, including sheets, plates, coils, rods, and tubing, and we also offer a variety of different titanium grades. Sourcing is our business, so when you come to Aero Industries, you can expect your titanium needs to be met rapidly and consistently. Whatever size, whatever shape, whatever quantity, we have the titanium solutions you need. Visit our website or give us a call today!

Beartech Alloys

Placentia, CA | 877-232-7832

Since 1997, Beartech Alloys has been serving customers around the world with high quality titanium materials and products. We have made it our goal to go beyond the ordinary to bring our customers extraordinary products and outstanding service. We do it better. We do it smarter. For all of your titanium and metal alloy needs, Beartech Alloys has the solution! Check out our website for a complete view of our products and services, and call us today!

Although titanium is a naturally and abundantly occurring element (it is the ninth most abundant element on Earth), it does not occur in pure form and is usually found in mineral deposits in the form of ilmenite. Titanium is extracted most often using the Kroll or Hunter methods, which involve reducing titanium tetrachloride with magnesium. This reduction yields a raw and highly porous ore, which is called a sponge and pressed or melted into blocks for fabrication. When titanium is heated above a certain temperature it reacts with oxygen and either absorbs the oxide and changes its chemistry or becomes explosive, therefore forging and forming titanium can also be difficult and costly. Titanium’s natural qualities of strength, low density, ductility and heat transference are often alloyed with various metals to create a hybrid of properties that better suit it to machining. Titanium steel is lighter and far more resistant to corrosion than regular steels; aluminum titanium alloys are finer and stronger; iron, copper and manganese titanium alloys also benefit from combining their strengths with titanium’s properties.

There are 38 grades of titanium classified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The first 5 grades are unalloyed, and the rest contain different ratios of elements such as aluminum, vanadium, tin, molybdenum, palladium, zirconium, niobium, nickel, ruthenium, silicon and iron. Titanium is also classified into 3 groups of structural alloys. Alpha titanium is usually alloyed with aluminum and tin, and is low to medium strength, non heat treatable and wieldable. It is ductile, has high notch toughness, and good mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures. It also has the highest corrosion resistance and is used in the manufacturing of airplane parts and chemical processing equipment. Alpha Beta titanium is medium to high strength, heat treatable and wieldable. It is often hot formed and has limited cold forming abilities. Alpha Beta titanium is used to make marine hardware, aircrafts and prosthetic devices. Finally, Beta titanium, the smallest group, is the highest in strength, most dense, fully heat treatable and wieldable. It exhibits high formability and is often extruded to make heavy duty aircraft parts which are required to maintain structure and shape even under extreme pressure.

The extraction process of titanium is fairly costly and tim consuming, but the parts and products it produces have many different uses and can be used in a wide range of applications. Once processed into an ore in the form of foil, sheet, wire, granules, sponge, powder, mesh and rod, titanium is relatively easy to fabricate into products and is extremely useful. This usefulness is why many industries choose titanium even at a higher cost and research is continually being done on more possible uses for titanium. Aquarium, naval, marine and other saltwater industries often use titanium tubing and titanium sheet for underwater parts due to its resistance to salt erosion, stress, microbiological corrosion and pitting. Because it is such a lightweight material with high strength, parts are manufactured from titanium plates by the automotive industry for valve springs, rocker arms, connecting rods, exhaust systems, drive shafts and steering gears. The biomedical industry uses titanium wire and bars in the production of orthopedic devices and catheters. Racing sports specifically use titanium to increase vehicular speed as it has high heat resistance and strength. Surgical and dental industries use titanium wire and titanium instruments to decrease the chance of allergic reactions and many kinds of prosthesis are manufactured from pure titanium because it does not contaminate or corrode in the body. The aerospace industry uses titanium quite extensively for jet engines, missiles and spacecrafts. Further specialized applications for titanium, titanium oxide and titanium alloys include semiconductor and battery titanium wires, chemical and petroleum handling, agri-food titanium tubing, orthopedics, sporting goods equipment, paint, toothpaste, paper, plastics, cement, jewelry and gem fabrication.

Titanium Processing Center

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